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Kits Café has asked Redemption Church to donate 10 grocery bags of store cupboard items for them to distribute outside Kits House this Thursday, April 9. They are looking for:

  • 5-7 non-perishable, low prep items such as canned soup/stew, peanut butter, canned fish/other meat, dried fruit, soft granola bars

  • Please check any expiry dates on items you are donating

  • Focus should be on food, but a few, new wrapped hygiene items are appropriate such as toilet paper, toothpaste, soap etc.

  • Do not make the bag too heavy as guests have to carry this home once it is donated (double bagging is recommended).

  • Please make sure the items are suitable for people without kitchen access (easy open tabs, packaged snacks)

If you can help by either providing a bag of food or by donating any of the above items then please email Sarah in the church office at Donations can be dropped off to the Church (safe social distancing will be maintained!) by arrangement on Wednesday or Thursday morning. The donations will then be delivered to Kits House by 4:30pm on Thursday, April 9th.

Please help us to meet this urgent need in our community.