The Committe will make a final pastoral candidate recommendation to the Board.  

The Committee will then go on hiatus while the Board discerns the pastoral candidate, reviews roles and responsibilities, and any other considerations.  

The Board will announce the pastoral candiate to the membership and the church congregation. 

The Board will call a Special General Meeting (SGM) of the membership, scheduled for a Sunday afternoon after the service, similar to our Family Meetings and Annual General Meeting.

The candidate will be invited to a Friday evening meet and greet ahead of the SGM, where there will be opportunity to hear more and ask questions.  The Board will make links to blogs, podcasts, videos, and sermons available where possible.  The candidate will preach at the Sunday service, then invited to the SGM where the congregation will have further opportunity to hear more, and then the membership will vote to accept the candidate.  The meeting will be open to all attendees of the congregation, but only members will be able to vote.  

If you are an attendee of Redemption Church and would like more info on membership, please inquire here.