At the family meeting on Sunday Mar. 5, the Board explained the process that we plan to follow for the pastoral search.  As we seek the next person who will shepherd Redemption Church, we invited the congregation into discerning who God is calling to pastor our church by seeking nominations to the Pastoral Search Committee.  The search committee was open to all members of Redemption Church or those willing and elibible to apply for membership.  Nominations closed on Tuesday Mar. 28, and the Committee was presented to the congregation on Sunday Apr. 2.

Pastoral Search Committee

Enoque Panzo - Chair and Board Member
Laura Bulk - Elder
Ashish Joseph
Carolee Duttchen
Ian McLeod
Kai Garmo
Maureen Bennie Boakye


Resonsibilities of Committee

  • Reviewing survey data from the Redemption Church community.
  • Creating the church, community, and pastoral profiles, with assistance from/in consultation with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, (PAOC). 
  • Creating the job description and job posting.
  • Reviewing the aggregated list of applicants from the PAOC, including listening to sermons/podcasts, reviewing resumes, conducting first-level interviews.
  • Discerning which candidates to invite for a second-level interview.
  • Scheduling and performing pastoral candidate interviews in person.
  • Rank ordering interviewed candidates.
  • Recommending a pastoral candidate to the Board.   

Please pray for the committee members as they help discern who God is calling to be our next pastor.  

The Committee is happy to speak with you further about any questions you have.  Please feel free to reach out to individually or corporately at: