Luke 1: 26-38

Sermon Notes

It all started with a poor, young teenager from the backwoods of Israel, with nothing special about her. And yet she receives God’s favour and grace, and is the conduit for the greatest gift of all. Mary is invited into a story much larger than she ever expected. Yet instead of being overwhelmed, scared or skeptical, she receives God’s favour – at great cost to herself – with simple, submissive, faith. Mary submits her story to God’s story, and redemption is the result.

Join us to celebrate that a saviour has been born, he is Christ the Lord. And to submit again – with Mary – the writing of our own stories to God himself. He does not promise your story will be easy – that would be boring. But the Father will, chapter by chapter, write your story into the story of Jesus, by the active presence of the Spirit, so that by the end you will find your own life themes to be about redemption, reconciliation and renewal. For God brings his favour to the humblest of us, and intends salvation for us all.