The Committee will review the survey, develop the profile and job description with assistance from, and consultation with, the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC), then advertise the job posting.  Candidates apply through the PAOC.

That input, along with carefully prayer and discernment from the Committee, being guided by the Holy Spirit, will help develop three documents that will be used in the pastoral search.

Church Profile

Tell the prospective applicants who we are, what we value as a church body, and about the community in which they will live and serve.  

Pastoral Profile

Used by the Committee to help determine whether a pastoral candidate's skills and interest match up with the needs and vision of Redemption Church.  

Job Posting

Advertise the position to perspective candidates, with an overview of requirements disseminated from the Church and Pastoral Profiles.  

The Church Profile and Pastor Profile are now complete and the job was posted Tue May 15.