Kits Cares Café 

Kits Cares Café, or 'Christians Arranging Restful Eating Spaces', is a free weekly meal program that takes place every Thursday from 1:30pm to 2:30pm at Lord's Grace Church, 2396 W 8th Avenue. It is a program designed by a number of Kitsilano churches to address hunger and social isolation in the Kitsilano Neighborhood. Since the pandemic started staff and volunteers have been handing out bags of groceries to guests along with fresh bread and donated treats.

If you are interested in finding out more,  please click on the volunteer description file below. Tenth Church has been handling all of the administration work for Kits Cares Café and if you would like to volunteer you can click on the volunteer button below to fill out their online application form.

Thank you for your interest! 


Update! Meet Aaron Peat
Kits Cares Café's new Meal Coordinator

Aaron is the new meal coordinator at Kits Cares Café, taking over from Hillary Ko. Aaron comes to serve with a background in mental health, community development and theology.  He brings nearly a decade of experience serving in the non-profit sector and churches, all centered around bringing people together to find hope and healing. He is a recent graduate of Regent College with an MDiv, and also currently serves on the frontlines at First United in Vancouver’s downtown eastside as a shift supervisor for the year-round low-barrier shelter, serving the most vulnerable people in our city, our neighbours with nowhere else to turn. 

Lord's Grace Church

2396 W 8th Ave

Why is Kits CARES so important?

  • To meet an acute need for nutrition. Regular access to a nutritionally-appropriate meal made with quality ingredients is essential for general health as well as other life outcomes.

  • To help satisfy a deeper hunger. Loneliness afflicts many Vancouverites, and hits low-income people and young adults the hardest.

  • To Find Joy in Working Together. Jointly offering a meal to our most vulnerable neighbours can help us experience the joy of recognizing Christ in each other.